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The story of two high tech spies at AMD and Intel Corp and how they were betrayed by the Cuban intelligence agents whose families they were attempting to rescue. Pepe Cohen ends up betraying both his high school buddy, Rolando Sarraf Trujillo, now serving 25 years in a prison in Cuba for espionage, and my dad ends up serving three years in a prison in the U.S.  



The Cuban Traitor:

Jose Cohen Valdes




We begin the series by showing that the Cuban Traitor Jose Cohen did NOT provide information to the CIA as he claims today: since 1990. At best, he provided information to the U.S. Government since July 13, 1992, the date I first visited CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. I introduce as evidence Federal Code Rule 16 material issued by the FBI: a report which clearly states July 13, 1992 as the date of first contact.

Therefore, I establish that Jose Cohen lies when he says that he spied for the CIA within Cuba for 4 or 5 years prior to leaving the island in August of 1994. Unmasking this seemingly innocent fib will lead to the conclusion that Pepe Cohen was never a double agent. While in Cuba, he always worked under the direction of the Cuban Government.


In the first episode, we established that Pepe Cohen did not deliver information to the CIA since 1990, but rather since June 1992. In this chapter, FBI agents testify that after analyzing the information that Pepe sent, they don't believe that he is for real. The CIA and the FBI believed at all times that this was a Cuban penetration to try to undermine the Government of the United States. As far as they were concerned, Pepe was acting on orders of the Cuban Government.

There is a second objective way of convincing the viewer of this argument. Per his own declarations, Pepe escaped from the island with three others on a raft in August of 1994. The CIA had a contingency plan to collect him, but never implemented it because they never believed that he was acting as anything other than as an agent of Fidel Castro.




In this episode we show that Pepe Cohen was working under orders from the Interior Ministry when he acted the role of counter-revolutionary. He confessed his alleged change of heart at the Riviera Hotel, which had been bugged by the East German Stasi in the 80s, and we inadvertently said many things about Pepe in what we thought was the privacy of our room. From what we said about Pepe, the Cuban Government had enough material to execute him. Instead, Pepe was promoted to captain in 1994.


  Bill on Nightline
G2 Lieutenant and traitor
Rolando Sarraff Trujillo
is serving 25 years in a Cuban prison.


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